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Party4Peace nights: Sep 2007, Nov 2007

3rd February 2007 - Bush and Blair jailed in war protest
Wandsworth Borough News report

Stop-the-War statement on the terrorist bombings in London

Spring 2005 Wandsworth Newsletter

Wandsworth Peace Bus - March 2005

6th November 2004 - Lavender Hill demo against impending destruction of Fallujah
Wandsworth Borough News report

25th May 2004 - Labour and Lib Dem candidates under pressure in election hustings
Wandsworth Stop-the-War hold a hustings for the June10 elections: Report

Defend Civil Liberties - Stop Racist Scapegoating
By the end of 2003, only 5 of the 529 people arrested in Britain as terrorist suspects since 9/11 had been convicted of any terrorist crime ... How long before they create a Muslim Birmingham 6 or Guildford 4 ?
And the draconian Civil Contingencies Bill is still to come ...
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21st October 2003 - Pro-War Battersea MP admits UK was bounced into war
At a public meeting in Battersea organised by Wandsworth STWC (Stop-the-War Coalition), Martin Linton MP (Labour, Battersea) told a hostile audience that he stood by his decision to vote for war in both parliamentary votes, but repeated his earlier admission that the timing was wrong - a position which as predicted, failed to satisfy most of those present, or the rest of the speaker panel.
Wandsworth Borough News report

8th June 2003 - Tony Benn attacks Iraq war
At a public meeting in Putney, co-organised by Wandsworth Stop-the-War Coalition, former cabinet minister Tony Benn attacked Blair's illegal invasion of Iraq, in front of a packed crowd. St Mary's Church was filled to capacity, with almost 500 people inside, and another 120 locked out due to overcrowding
Wandsworth Borough News report

29th May 2003 - Police called to Depleted Uranium protest
Wandsworth Borough News report and letters page

29th May 2003 - Clare Short accuses Blair of lies over Iraq
At a public meeting (which was boycotted by Wandsworth STWC, due to her earlier support for the war), former cabinet minister Clare Short told a packed church in Balham that Blair had lied over Iraq. She said that there was an agreed timetable for war irrespective of Blix's progress, that promises of careful targetting had been broken and civilian casualties would soon be revealed as "terrible", that Iraq's arnaments had been exaggerated and its alleged links to Al Qaida were untrue, and that France had not sabotaged united international action, as claimed by Blair's government.
Wandsworth Borough News report

21st May 2003 - MP Tom Cox blasts Blair at Stop-the-War meeting
Wandsworth Stop-the-War Coalition hosted a public meeting in Tooting, where anti-war speakers - Tom Cox MP (Labour, Tooting), local Labour Councillor Pam Tatlow and Lyndsey German (officer of the national STWC) - attacked Blair over the Iraq war, in front of an angry audience. Mr Cox had defied the whips, to vote against the war earlier this year.
Wandsworth Borough News report

15th April 2003 - The War "Ends"
The US and UK arbitrarily declare the war over as US Marines enter Tikrit unopposed. However, under the grip of the trigger-happy occupation troops, the killing, starvation and privations continue, and the invaders continue to be in breach of their obligations under the Geneva Convention, for an army of occupation to provide a duty of care to the civilian population. While looters and vandals ransack Iraq's vital services and heritage, American troops betray their priorities by securing the Oil Ministry (hardly surprising when the first target secured by the invading armies was Iraq's southern oilfields).
The Stop-the-War Coalition does not consider this war over as long as the occupation continues, and the Wandsworth group will continue its campaigning activities. Nor do we believe any government imposed by the invaders will be democratic, or in Iraq's own interests, but rather it will serve to exploit Iraq's resources on behalf of American corporations.
In fact, as the short-lived initial scenes of "jubiliation" in Baghdad rapidly fade from memory, it turns out there was rather less to them than meets the eye, in the first place.

20th March 2003 - The War Starts
Now that Mr Blair has once again given his favourite speech (earnestly informing us that British troops are in action, for the fifth time in his premiership), we finally find ourselves at war, as part of Bush and Rumsfeld's Coalition of the Killing. A war with neither a cause, nor an end. However, a war which was unjust and illegal before it began, is not suddenly transformed into one that is is just or legal, by the mere act of actually starting it.
Opposition to this insane war will therefore continue unabated, and we would like to point out that supporting British troops does not mean exposing them to war crimes prosecutions by sending them into an illegal war, to the danger of being killed in conflict, or to the slow death of Gulf War Syndrome (due to the US/UK use of depleted-uranium munitions). Above all, it does not mean sending them in to slaughter innocent Iraqis, and wreak further destruction on an already devastated country.
Local protests on March 29th Day of Action

6th March 2003 - Wandsworth Coalition public meeting in Battersea draws over 100 people
Over a third of the audience in Northcote Baptist Church fill in volunteer forms, offering to actively help with the campaign.
14 people volunteer to attend the People's Assembly for Peace, as the Wandsworth delegates.

27th February 2003 - anti-war protestors picket Battersea Labour Party's annual meeting
About 40 people from Wandsworth STWC and BWTUC (Battersea & Wandsworth Trades Council) picketed outside the meeting in the Lara Community Centre, far outnumbering the local Labour party members who attended the AGM.
Wandsworth Borough News report