Articles and Papers

This page contains a small selection of noteworthy publications.
NB: If you need Acrobat Reader software, you can download it from here. If you still have trouble downloading online PDF files, try saving a copy to your hard drive instead of reading it online, and then open your local copy.

Harold Pinter's Nobel Lecture - his acceptance speech for the Nobel Prize in Literature, November 2005

Stop The Wall - a presentation by the campaign against Israel's bantustanisation wall

Who's Behind The Fighting In North Lebanon ? Lebanon's place in America's regional schemes

Depleted Uranium: Silent Genocide - Compiled by the Wandsworth Coalition, January 2003

Bad news from Israel: media coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict - May 2002 report by the Glasgow University Media Group: "If you don't understand the Middle East crisis it might be because you are watching it on TV news"
Analyses systematic pro-Israeli bias in the use of language by both BBC and ITV news programmes, and their obscuration of the underlying causes of the conflict. This June 2002 article by John Pilger discusses the report further.

The Roots of Conflict - October 2001 article by Italian professor, Umberto Eco
Post-WTC reflections on the history of cross-cultural dialogue, the nature of progress, and the merits of pluralism.

Sanctions on Iraq - Proceedings of the November 1999 CASI (Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq) Conference, in Cambridge.

Guardian Special Report on the anti-war movement
Guardian Special Report on Iraq
Guardian Special Report on Israel/Palestine
Guardian Special Report on Sep 11
Guardian Special Report on 'War on Terror' (attack on Afghanistan)
Guardian Special Report on Afghanistan
Guardian Special Report on Britain after Sep11
(not to imply any endorsement of The Guardian, but each report is a handy collection of lots of news and views on one page)