Who We Are

Wandsworth Stop-the-War Coalition was originally founded on 5th October 2001, at a public meeting in the Friends Meeting House in Wandsworth attended by over 60 people who were opposed to the so-called "War on Terror" and the attack on Afghanistan.

The Wandsworth Coalition is an anti-war alliance, and has no collective affiliation to any particular political party.
We are a local branch of the National Stop-the-War Coalition, and we subscribe to its stated aims and principles.

Anybody living or working in the London Borough of Wandsworth (covering Battersea, Balham, Tooting, Wandsworth and Putney) is welcome to join us, and participate in our activities to oppose Bush and Blair's state of global war, and the attacks on our own basic freedoms here in the UK.
Our regular activities are open to all, and you are welcome to come along to our meetings or street stalls.


The Stop-the-War Coalition (STWC) is a national coalition of anti-war groups, comprising CND, Greens, socialists, trade unions, and independent peace activists. It was formed in the immediate aftermath of the Sep11 attacks on New York, at a packed public meeting in central London attended by over 2,000 people, where it resolved to campaign for a balanced, non-military response, and adopted 3 basic principles, around which local campaigning groups were rapidly launched around the country.
• Stop the war
• Defend civil liberties
• No to a racist backlash


The Wandsworth Stop-the-War Coalition is engaged in the following activities, as resolved by a planning meeting, held shortly after the invasion of Iraq: